Thursday, September 4, 2008


So did you watch the speech last evening?

I have to say that I'm torn.

I like her. I think she's a normal person. Real down to earth with small town values. She seems like someone I have met at the post office before.

Her policies.. hmm.. drilling? nuclear? bad ideas I think...
most of all, I'm trying to figure out how she does her hair like that..
I do like her glasses, though...
The Jackie-O outfit of last ngiht has to go, though..
I think pantsuits would be better for her,than for Hillary.
As for the whole point of putting a feminine face on the ticket to counteract Obama's LACK of doing so:
  • Other than the breath of fresh air, with tough in the woods upbringing that I certainly know about, I wonder if dear Sarah can survive the nasty side of politics.?
  • Carly Fiorina would have been a more viscious choice politically, but non-likeability to most (which is unfortunate). But I have a feeling she will either be on the cabinet, or run for California Governor as the rumors say.
  • Olympia Snowe was a great choice policy-wise, and likeabiliy, but she lacks enthusiasm, and that actress sparkle at the podium. Plus "Jock" isn't interested in moving again..
All in all I think she's a great choice, just because I think it will darned entertaining.. AND I am DYING to see the debate between her and Biden. I think she will get catty.. put that old windbag in his place..
we shall see....

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