Monday, May 12, 2008

walk again..

So it is now three days since my first training session at the gym. It has been 15 hours since I could successfully walk again. Let me tell you people, I was put through the ringer. Strength training, biceps, triceps, abs.. one hour of complete muscle annihilation. The next day, I was so in pain, I couldn't get out of bed. But I did, and went to work. I felt the inflammation hit in the afternoon, and then the stiffening of the legs.. my became the size of mac trucks, and I couldn't get out of a chair. The awesome thing.. my arms were looking awesome. Ibuprofen, and a heating pad later, I could move a little bit. So today is the first day, since last Thursday.

Now here's the sick part... I love it! I hurt in all the right places, and I know that what my trainer made me go through is exactly what I need to hit my goals.

Maybe I'm sadistic, but there's something awesome when you know the pain you're experienceing is because you worked hard, and made it through...

Tomorrow is my next workout with my trainer.. hopefully I will be able to walk by Friday - I will let you guys know..

My Mom

My Mom, Jacquie is the most amazing person I have ever known. Her high intelligence, her astounding beauty, her beautiful soul, her enduring strength, and her abundace of love for everyone... if I become a tenth of the woman she is, I will be doing truly well.

The thing I love the most about my mother is her laughter. Nothing makes me happier than to make her laugh. My mother and I can talk for.. days at a time

Several years ago, I almost lost her. A mis-doagnosed UTI, turned out to be colon cancer, emergency emergency colostomy, and months of a hospital stay. This was followed by not one, but 2 rounds now of chemo.

She has been through so much, and has had nothing but a strong drive and positive attitude. I am just so darn proud of her, and thankful that I am so lucky to have such a wonderful mother.

So thank you Mumma.. I love you!

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Start of the Journey

So here we are a the start of my journey. I'm so glad you've decided to join me!
I am on a mission - a mission to promote health an wellness, not only for myself, but for everyone! We do not realize how much control we have over our bodies.

It's really quite simple.. jumk in, junk out.. healthy in, healthy inside and out.

However, you wouldn't believe, (or maybe you would), how difficult such a concept can be!

Several years ago, I watched both of my parents go through colon cancer. My father luckily has the five-year clear, and my mother just finished chemo, unfortunately for the second time.

Going through cancer with my parents, I spent hours reading, and learning about all the ways we should eat right, do exercise, avoid toxins, and maintain an all-over sense of health and wellness.

Things were going great. I lost a total of 110 lbs, was running 5Ks, riding my bike miles at a time, looking and feeling great. Then.. I went on vacation.. to Vegas.. the buffets, the alcohol, the lack of exercise.. I lost my momentum, my groove, and I couldn't get it back. So for months, and through the winter, I kept becoming more and more sedentary, and losing the drive and motivation I had to even run anymore.

Now here I am. I feel I have completely let myself go, and I depserately need to get back on track. So I thought the best way to take accountability for my journey back to health was to post it for all the world to see. I will be posting my daily thoughts, experiences, and struggles, as well as sharing with all of you some of the insights, and wellness tips I have researched along the way.I look forward to hearing YOUR tips and thoughts, as well!

So, join me as I get back on track!