Monday, May 12, 2008

walk again..

So it is now three days since my first training session at the gym. It has been 15 hours since I could successfully walk again. Let me tell you people, I was put through the ringer. Strength training, biceps, triceps, abs.. one hour of complete muscle annihilation. The next day, I was so in pain, I couldn't get out of bed. But I did, and went to work. I felt the inflammation hit in the afternoon, and then the stiffening of the legs.. my became the size of mac trucks, and I couldn't get out of a chair. The awesome thing.. my arms were looking awesome. Ibuprofen, and a heating pad later, I could move a little bit. So today is the first day, since last Thursday.

Now here's the sick part... I love it! I hurt in all the right places, and I know that what my trainer made me go through is exactly what I need to hit my goals.

Maybe I'm sadistic, but there's something awesome when you know the pain you're experienceing is because you worked hard, and made it through...

Tomorrow is my next workout with my trainer.. hopefully I will be able to walk by Friday - I will let you guys know..

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