Friday, October 3, 2008

Political Entertainment Tonight...

While at the gym, and on the treadmill last night, and being the news junkie that I am, I figured I'd switch the tv over to a news channel to see what they would say about the VP debate later that evening..

What I found instead was an unbelieveable interview BLASTING Barney Frank (aka Paul Sorvino wanna-be), in a scathing attack on his handling of the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac issue..

if you haven't seen it, I mean really, check it out. You can see it here. *LOL*

Now to the VP debate..

I couldn't help myself.. Law and Order was a re-run so I chose to watch the VP debate.. I couldn't help it. So out of sheer entertainment depravity, I watched the debate.

If you weren't able to catch it, you can watch the whole thing in its entirety here

My thoughts:

Palin did as well as could be expected for someone who was having their first national debate, especially against sonmeone like Biden.
Biden has over 30 years of experience flinging facts and figures about the Senate floor, so it is to be expected he was at ease, comfortable, and ready to present the facts.

Biden clearly went easy on her, and chose to attack McCain, rather than her. As VP, yes this is what they had to do, since neither of them are actually going to be in charge of policy decisions.

You could tell the areas where Palin was passionate because she quit trying to use big words, and started talking like policy her her deal.. so why didn't McCain put her on his cabinet as the head of the Energy Dept. NOT VP.

And on that note.. what was with the overuse of the big words? Don't play their game, Sarah.. communicate regularly... it just looked like you were totally coached and over-doing it.

Gwen Ifill's questions could have been a tad more specific, but she did do a nice job in moderating the candidates in regards to the time allotments to speak.
I'm glad there's only one VP debate.. I don't think I could sit through another one.

On economics and Health Care, in my opinion, she didn't sell McCain's vision at all.
Biden had a clear step by step outline, which made it easier for the audience to digest. Palin was a bit all over the place on that one.

I have more commentary to say on this, however, I don't have the time to put full focus on this at the moment. So I shall blog about it more later..

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Earl said...

A concise and well written entry! I think Palin managed to get through the debate without making any major mistakes that would have harmed McCain's campaign, on some questions though she was out of her depth and it showed. I think choosing Palin to be his running mate was a calculated and necessary risk by McCain to try to attract women voters and put some distance between him and the currently very unpopular Republican leadership by cementing his image as a reformer and an outsider. Choosing someone young and passionate like Palin will also steal some of Obama's thunder. Anyways, I bet Palin is glad to get that over with!