Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th Weekend

What an awesome weekend!

On Friday, we lounged around in the morning. The stick hot humidity the July morning brought made it impossible to get motivated. We slept in late, thanks to late night before, coupled with the strong port.
Once we did rouse from the cool air of the air conditioner and our arms wrapped around each other, we opened the bedroom door to have the sultry heat smack us in the faces.
Coffee... we need coffee..

I bumbled downstairs and started the process.. get the cups out, the saucer and a spoon, open the sugar bowl for him, and now wait.. wait for beeeeeeep that the black steamy, caffinated goodness is ready.

After the coherence o lait kicked in, we planned our day.

1.Putty the closet.
2.Go to Cabela's
3.Hit LL Bean on the way home
4.BBQ for dinner

Cabela's was hmm all hubub for nothing,'s a Bean's knockoff, where the prices are cheaper by a bit. And that's about it. I bought a pair of new hiking pants, and two shirts. dave bought a hawiian shirt, and looked at more BB guns.
They now have a atomatic rifle that shoots 2100 ft./sec.. c'mon.. WHO NEEDS SUCH A THING?

On the way home we went to Bean's. I looked around for more clothes, we hit the camping aisle. I saw a water bottle I wanted. The new kind that doesn't emit those bad chemicals that the plastic ones do. Davey wanted me to go away so he could buy it for my birthday. I said.. nah it's too expensive, don't bother..
So he put it down. :)

There was a concert outside - Bean's Summer Concert Series.. Toby Lightman.. have no clue who she is, but she sang beautifully.. the place was packed.
We walked around Freeport a bit, listening to the singing reverberating out into the streets, and smelling the sauteeing onions from all the hot dog vendor carts along the street.

We decided it was time to head home and BBQ.

by the time we got home, we had gone through the huge bag of trail mix we had bought at Hannaford's and decided we were not BBQing tonight. We crashed shortly after a few episodes of Law and Order.

Saturday brought a motivated day where we did absolutely nothing except walk from Hallowell to Augusta and back. We stopping into the Cigar shoppe in Hallowell, where Dave bought 2 cigars, which later we found were horrible. They smelled like.. plaster.. chalk.. those are the only words I can describe it.. blech..

Then we went to see Hancock with Wil Smith. Davey liked it, and I'm very glad. It was funny.. took a twist and turn in the middle, but all in all, another hit for Wil.

Sunday brought an 11:05 showing of Indiana Jones 4. here's all I have to say.. the minute I saw the word Nazca lines, I knew exactly where the movie was headed --> XFiles. My many years of study on all things ancient and paranormal allows this ability to know an x file when I see it..

Indy, sadly got old. And his son leaves much to be desired. So ya I'm glad I saw it and got it out of the way, but The Last Crusade is still the winner above all by far..

Next, I want to see "Wanted"..

We then went to see my parents, since my mother's frequent phone calls alluded to the fact that she missed me. It was a lovely visit, not for too long, and we got home around 7.. we were for some reason rather exhausted. I think teh heat and humidity have something to do with that. But we were tired, watched Deadliest Catch for a while, then crashed.. a successful weekend of REST. Yee haa..

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