Friday, June 20, 2008

Bottling Port

So! We bottled our Port last night.
It's quite an itneresting and fun process. All in all we ended up with 36 bottles of the most potent and smooth wine I have ever tasted.
These are going to make great Christmas presents!

On the left, this is the carboy which is holding all of the wine at the end of its fermentation period. We tasted it to determine how much Brandy we would need to add in order to make it a smooth true Port.

We were suprised to find it had a chocolate taste - probably infused in the concentrate from the beginning. We were concerned that this may ruin the port, but once we add the brandy, that should kill ANY such flavor.

We ended up adding 3 bottles of E&J Brandy. Then we tested it. Dave seems to like it!

Now time to bottle...

This is the carboy cyphoning into the bottles.

AH "cork-it", Dave..

Et voila! Several bottles out of 36 finished!
To be enjoyed with a cigar and a bench on the porch..

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