Monday, June 9, 2008

Old Friends

I happened to check out my old freind G's blog. It was great to check out the exciting happenings in her life. Her family, she's still with H, she's moved to M.C. now, and still in Grad school.
I sometimes miss my life I had with those freinds. The deep conversations, the parties, the drinking lots and lots of wine at J's house, having discussions with Charles Long, etc.
Those were the good times.
Why am I not that person anymore. Ahh life happens and we change and evolve.
I guess that's par for the course.
I am extremely happy with my life.
I think for the first time in a LONG time I am truly happy and content.
I am going to marry the man I'm deeply in love with.
We're going to take care of our house, and maybe someday have a kid or two to fill it with.
We're going to go to work, take vacations, do yardwork, and probably even get a mini-van at some point.
How the hell did I get here? .
The one with big dreams of Grad School in Ottawa. Never got there.
The one who wanted to be the Archaeology major. Never got there.
Guess what.. don't NEED to get there.
I may have never got where I thought I would be, but the universe has put me exactly where I SHOULD be and NEED to be and WANT to be.

All the people I have met, and have been friends with, the places I've seen, the experiences I've had...They all have made me exactly who I am today.
And who is that?
A research analyst, who lives in a nice neighborhood with the man she loves.
I drive an economical vehicle.
I clip coupons and recycle.
I'm even attempting to garden.
I am becoming a suburban housewife -holy shit.
But I still love to hike.
I can talk Derrida and Descartes with the best of them.
If I try real hard, I could prbably still read Egyptian heiroglyphics like I could in high school.
I keep up to date on politics and current events.
I still feel that all who wander are not lost..
I still know my wine, dammit..
And I still love life.

That rambled on to nowhere near how I started, but just to show you my evolution thus far.
It's amazing on what makes contentment over the years.
G., you inspired me to reflect... *L*