Thursday, June 5, 2008

I can't believe it's only 11am..

Are you telling me it's only 11:15 am?

I've been here since 8, trying to finish up a 3 report project, so that my boss can go and make a 10am presentation to the Maine CDC. This project, I think, was the most complicated, in-depth thing I could have ever worked on. So many angles, so many aspects to take into consideration.. 2 month windows, 1 year observations, between 2 and 12 month observation, more than 1 year observations.. mono-tratement? combo-treatment? The list goes on and on, not to mention the theraputic class debacle.. Well that should get resolved at a later date.
At any rate, I really am glad Becky was here to help me out. I learned TONS, and now maybe other, less complicated projects won't intimidate me so darn much..

As payment for such help, I have offered to buy her dinner at Margaritas, but she had something better in mind. And so, in 2 weeks, I will be working as waitstaff at her daughter's wedding.

Somehow, I will probably need a maragarita anyway..

Let's see.. what else is going on. My friend, Annette is back from her lovely vacation in the Canadian Rockies.. Such a well deserved vacation! I'm glad she had a great time.

I'm reading Garrett the Onion's blog a lot recently. He is a fellow Econ major, and he is hilarious.
Check it if you don't believe me:

I am so incredibly busy, I can't believe it. I have all these great books I want to get to, and enjoy, but by the time I get to bed, I'm exhausted, or whatever.. so I usually don't get more than a sentence in.

I'm trying to get into the Archimedes Codex, where they found a paryerbook, whose pages really contain Archimedes missing writings. Very interesting. If only I didn't forget what the heck I've read.. how did I get to page 19???

Speaking of books, How am I going to get my bookstore running? I dont think people are going to be interested in the titles I have, but you never know. I have a book addiction, I realize, and don't want to SELL any, I want to keep them all and read them all, and have them as mine mine mine.. aren't I awful?

I made French baguette pizza last night, and the smell from the leftovers is attacking my nose from the red-lidded tupperware to my left.. mmm need it now.. it's 11:30.. that's acceptable, right? mmmm it's sooo good..

We watched a show the other night called "30 Days". It's the guy from "Supersize me" who takes on jobs for 30 days and gets in depth with the people it affects. There are some pretty rough conditions, working in W Virgina Coal mines. People do it because it comes with a $60,000/yr paycheck.. but the health effects like Black Lung, hmm don't seem worth it to me. But when you need to feed your family, I suppose you do what you have to.

Well, this afternoon I have a meeting, then I need to start working on that other project that has been on the back burner. Then tonight, I have GOT TO put that book database together, and start on Dave's. Then start listing the books into the bookstore.. I need to start making $$$ with this. Or else, why bother scoring inventory?

I have been thinking a lot about grad school. I start, I stop, I start I stop. What is wrong with me.I love school. I love to learn. I have zippo time to focus. Or I'm so ADD-ish that I can't focus.
Which irks me.. cuz I WANT this MBA BADLY.. apparently not badly enough.

I want to write some papers, maybe see where I can get them published.Maybe I can use some resources from books on statistics, etc. I have TONS at home, so there's no reason not to do it. Write a paper on Maine land trust.. like Bald mountain, and the economic effects it has to the Franklin County hiking community.. something like that.

Or duh, how about writing a paper about my proble, in order to get a solution. Marketing used books online.. effective strategies..

I have too many interests, and that's going to bite me in the ass someday.. wait.. it probably has.